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Olympick Tackle Squid Spinner

Author: Gil d'Oliveira AKA treblig

There are two stages that the Salmon go through when they have reached the beaches near their estuary of their natal streams. Early in the season they are voracious. Attacking anything that represents nourishment for them. They will literally gain a pound per week at this stage.
This is the happy time for all beach fishermen being fly or gear. If you can get it near them they will gobble it up.
 The second half of the salmon season cruising on the beaches is that their body is starting to metamorphous dramatically as they get ready to move forward to their spawning streams. The males go through a drastic physical change from huge kypes. This is the development of the tip of the jaws to develop a hook. Their teeth have been replaced with abnormal large and forward angled breeding teeth, the head gets deformed and the body will develop unusual shape and colours.

As this change starts to occur, this is when they become and called tight-lipped, or lock jaw. They are not interested eating anymore. There will be various stages of developed salmon mixed together but most often you will not get a strike out of them.
There is though another emotional element of their response. It is the aggressive strike. This is when they will attack another fish, or anything that gets them angry. This is the time for the spinning lure to work. The salmon don't like the flutter of the blade, the repeating revolving flash, and the vibration or noise they make. They will go out of their way to attack it if it in their zone.
I have had some success using spinners . There are times spinner lures they are hard to cast, the body of the spinner degrades as the teeth of the salmon abuse the paint finish. Some blades spin with slower retrieves while other you must attain a retrieve faster. Your approach is different with spinners. The cast is to be right on top of them and then allow a secound for the spinner to drop and flutter. Often you will get a strike at his point. So be ready to tighten the line and raise the rod tip.

As the season moves on even the spinners start to fail. One year I met a fisherman that was catching salmon next to me with his spinner and mine was failing. There was something very unusual about his spinner so I approached and introduced myself. He was using a pink hootchie (Small plastic squid) on a long shank hook. He actually gave me one and I was into salmon again.
Since then I have always had in my tackle assortment various spinners with little pink hootchie and have been able to extend my season. I did not like attaching the hootchie, as it often would slide down the shank of the hook. I would glue it or tie it to the eye of the hook. There had to be a way that the squid was actually part of the lure and not as an attachment.
Early in 2015 I was introduced to a spinning lure, a squid-spinning lure. From Olympic Tackle ( ) .The body of the squid was incorporated in the lure. That is also were the casting weight is. Its representation of a squid was life like and its finish was very hard. The clevis was properly matched to the blade to allow easy slow spinning even at the slowest retrieve. With the rod tip high the spinners as it retrieve will stay within two feet of the surface without retrieving fast. As the blade spun around the body of the squid lure it gave the impression of a pulse. This is what squids do as they move forward. Also the blade has a hammered finish that also added to pulsing reflection. They don't come with a hook set up as various types of fishermen including walleye and bass have used this lure with amazing success. So the hooks areleft up to the individuals liking.

In my case I used a trailer hook set up. That is 30-pound Dacron fly backing looped to a sickle hook#1. The loop of the Dacron is no longer than the length of the hook. Very easy to put on and replace. I use this method also on my spoon lures. It looks like it had huge potential. Having them in my arsenal I anxiously awaited for the latter part of the beach salmon fishing season.
I wasn't disappointed. My catch rate explodes and even though my target was Coho the Spring Salmon also could not resist them. As long as I got the lure into their zone they attacked it.

Extend your salmon beach fishing season and start using the Olympic Tackle squid spinners

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National Pro Staff


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